School Nurse

Caresful Nursing Service offers “school nurses” for  emergency support, first aid, essential primary care, medication, and specialized medical treatments to staff and students. This is done to ensure that children who are ill, medically fragile, or injured receive the proper care in compliance with Qatari laws and Nursing For Home Medical Care policies.

Give children who have disabilities or chronic illnesses ongoing medical care. Through the implementation of health promotion, screening, immunization, and prevention initiatives, we assist public health. collaborates with educators, parents, staff, medical professionals, and/or government organizations to give information, promote and/or secure student health services, and adhere to legal regulations. In order to effectively provide children and teenagers with comprehensive health services, the school nurse plays a critical role. A growing proportion of youngsters arrive at school needing medical attention for long-term issues that need to be managed during the school day.

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